acoustic duality : Natalie Pierro

Acoustic Duality

Performance Hall; Valencia, Spain (Spring 2008

The proposal for this project was developed from a pre-existing design for a tower by Anton Garcia-Abril, of Ensamble Studio. Acting as an additional site in Valencia for the Berklee College of Music, the Tower of Music is a vertical campus at 100 meters high. Situated just south of the Turia Riverbed, the tower is set on top of a two-story plinth that provides both natural access to the tower and a great public “Music Plaza” at roof level. For more information on the original project, see: Berklee Tower of Music

Design Concept:
Using the Tower of Music and supporting plinth as a pre-existing site condition, the design of the performance hall seeks to create an opposing relationship while blending into its environment. Set on top of the plinth, oriented toward the tower, the building breaks the surface of the plaza, creating ripples of seating that gradually diffuse outward (similar to the merging of a droplet into water). The overall design of the building focuses on the duality of two acoustic spaces. The cone, (inspired by the Baptistery in Pisa, Italy) tilts toward the tower, creating both an indoor and outdoor acoustic condition revolving around a central performing space. Like the Pantheon, the ribbed concrete structure thins toward the peak of the cone, eventually loosing the ribbing and opening to an oculus. Below the surface of the plinth are the secondary programs – café, lobby, green-room, instrument storage, etc.